Is solar Energy a good choice for my home?

Solar energy is a potential solution to the environmental problems being caused by fossil fuels. When burned in sufficient air to provide energy, fossil fuels release various gases that cause greenhouse effect. Scientists have thus postulated that dependence on these fuels will cause adverse environmental problems. In addition, solar energy is available provided the sun keeps shining, and emission-free energy conversion makes for a smaller carbon footprint. Unlike a wind turbine, a solar panel is silent and ideal for installation in a residential area. After installation and optimization, solar panels require little maintenance aside from occasional cleaning.



In the essence of environmental concern, solar energy is outstandingly the best of all other energy alternatives, especially for homes, since it is completely clean and renewable. Below are some reasons why one should convert their homes to solar energy, rather than just using other conventional energy alternatives like wood fuel.

1. Clean: Solar energy can be preferred because it does not cause any form of pollution. Besides, it is clean. It does not release any gases into the atmosphere, unlike fossil fuels and biomass fuels, thus minimal negative environmental impacts. In addition no fuels are needed to run the solar panels, thus other fuels that would be used for the transportation are saved.

2. Renewable: Sunlight is readily available in all places on earth. The solar energy can therefore be harnessed using solar panels. This reduces dependence on various non-renewable energy alternatives. However, solar energy may not be harnessed during the night but it may be stored during a sunny day for use during the night.

3. Low cost of maintenance: Solar cells can be used for a long period of time with low maintenance labor and costs. However, the initial cost of installing solar panels may be high but once installed, only simple regular check-ups are required. These may include testing for naked wires, and cleaning.



4. Easy installation: Unlike energy generators like geothermal power stations and wind, solar panels are easy to fix on roofs. Moreover, they are mostly installed on roofs, which means that they require no new space, unlike wind mills.

6. Long Lasting: Solar panels are rather electrical than mechanical, which makes them more durable that those that are mechanical, such as mortars in wind mills and geothermal power generators. In cases where other energy sources are not available, solar energy could be a better solution.

5. Diverse applications: Solar energy can be put into various uses, including cooking, heating, cooling, driving locomotives, electric appliances, etc.


Solar power is becoming more and more popular with time. As energy from other sources is becoming more expensive with time, there is need to shift to cleaner and renewable energy alternatives like the readily available solar energy. Moreover, we can overlook the fact that fossil and biomass fuels are causing global warming. The idea of shifting into solar energy can be embraced by everyone in the near future but this has to begin at the household level, then businesses, industries, transport infrastructure and so on.

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